What are dentists really looking for when they are checking out your X-rays?  What are they looking for when they feel your teeth with the explorer?  This blog explains some of the things dentists are looking for and current technology that can be use to aide in decay detection when checking your mouth for cavities!

 The shadowing on the edges indicate decay under the surface on the premolars.

X-rays of the same tooth to the left.  The dark indicates decay.

The Dentists on Pearl utilize a software called Logicon that helps to detect the depth of the decay by analyzing over 200 shades of grey, this can be very helpful in acting as an electronic 2nd opinion.  Below is the Logicon reading of the teeth shown above.

The depth of the red dots show how far the cavity extends into the inner layer of the tooth.  The green lines indicates the outer layer (enamel), while the blue indicates the inner layer (dentin).

Have no fear!  These cavities are able to be completely cared for in the general dental office. The extent of the decay once it has reached this depth could potentially cause permanent damage to the nerve and blood supply on the inside of the tooth, possibly requiring the need for further treatment, i.e a root canal and crown.

This patient has had no symptoms though!

After the decay removal

Preparing the teeth for the fillings

Final product with tooth colored fillings placed!

Hopefully this will help you understand what the dentist is looking for and how they treat the teeth!  All of these intra oral photos were taken with The Dentists on Pearl SoproLife camera. For more information call the office at 303-498-9207 to schedule a comprehensive exam.